Welcome to thm Kashubians!

This extraordinary treasure belongs to Poland´s most beautiful and cleanest regions. The lake has best water quality and is therefore optimally suited for fishing and any kind of water sports.

Diversified and interesting landscapes guarantee a satisfying stay in the Kashubians. Lovers of hiking and biking can expect plentiful routes such as the Wdzydze, Kashubians and Stone paths. Further attractions are kayaking on the rivers Wierzyca, Trzebiosze, Pilica, Zbrzyca and Mosina. Autumn provides a wide range of wild mushrooms and forest berries and is consequently a paradise for collectors of those natural goods.

The climate is very kindly. The average daily sunshine duration in summer is among the highest throughout Poland. The bathing season lasts for approximately 100 days. Those days can be at will spend on the one hand at a calm place at one of the numerous lakes or in the guarded public swimming baths in Dziemiany with slide.

When you have never been to the Kashubians bevor, we guarantee that you will not regret the decision to visit this area.


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